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The terror of Moria

A very nervous and anxious man is at OHF for the first time. His wife and three children were drawing with me earlier - very neat and shy and often holding on to each other.

Today they walked 2 hours from the Moria camp in the heat, not having money for a bus or even understanding the schedule – just to get away, to sit in peace at OHF.

painted serenity in the OHF yard

The father is distressed. He used to be a police officer in ‘H’. Then DEASH (ISIS) came – a death sentence for a police officer - and they had to run for their lives, first hiding, then making it to Greece. They arrived 6 days ago, and the family of 5 got placed in an overheated, overcrowded container with 9 other refugees.

They arrived just when riots broke out with fires, police, tear gas.

The father heard of the family camp Kara Tepe and says

“They need to move us out of Moria. I did not go through all this to go from one war to the next.”

The children can attend classes at OHF while the parents try to find a way to leave Moria. “If we are not out of Moria by next week, I go into the ocean!” – I alert Fabian and an NGO organization – hoping they can talk and help.

At least he children can attend classes!

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